Drones have been used illegally in some real estate videos in the past, but now the FAA has approved use of drone video for commercial us… with strict guidelines.

The new rule, which takes effect in late August, offers safety regulations for unmanned aircraft drones weighing less than 55 pounds that are conducting non-hobbyist operations.

This could open up business opportunities in real estate drone use, as they are helpful in creating video of properties with unique home exteriors, gardens and land. Can you image shopping for a farm near rural Waverly, New York, while getting an aerial view from your computer or cell phone in your office in Ithaca? How about shopping for a Seneca Lake property near Watkins Glen where you get the birds-eye view from your iPad while sitting in your high-rise in New York City?

For more information on the recent FAA ruling, click here. For how this applies to the NYS real estate market, click here.